Online course in Window films, part 9: Anti-graffiti

A lot of people confuse anti-graffiti films used in the signage industry with anti-graffiti window films. While the former are usually washable, the latter are so-called sacrificial films, generally not washable, but easily replacable. The layer which would make the film washable would also create a hazy effect, so it cannot be applied on glass surfaces. Anti-graffiti window films are produced with a weakened adhesive, so they can be removed easily and tracelessly. If the film is sprayed over or damaged, a professional can remove and replace it quickly. The film protects the window in an invisible way. These films are generally used on shop windows, and also in public transport, since replacing the window would mean that the given vehicle has to leave traffic for a longer time.

The next part of our series will deal with low-e films and with reducing heat loss in winter.

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