Online course in Window films, part 11: Fading

A lot of people call me when they are looking for anti-fading UV protection window films. These conversations are generally not very short, as if protection against fading is the topic, it is not enough to regulate the level of UV radiation. Although it is indeed UV which is responsible for fading to the largest extent (about 40%), visible light (about 25%) and infrared radiation (about 25%) have to be taken into account as well. Other factors cannot be affected, so they have to be taken as given: e.g. humidity, the quality of colours, etc. Since clients generally want to reach UV protection without a considerable filtering of light, most often we recommend interior SkyFol P50 and SkyFol P70, as well as exterior SkyFol XT47CV and SkyFol XT67CV films. There are of course cases when only a transparent UV filtering film is allowed, but keep in mind that there is a better solution.

Protection against fading with different window films:

  UV filtering Infrared filtering Visible light filtering
SkyFol S4 99% 12% 14%
SkyFol P50 99% 74% 63%
SkyFol P70 99% 51% 32%
SkyFol XT47CV 99% 84% 53%
SkyFol XT67CV 99% 77% 23%

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